What is Dynamics 365 Integration?

Dynamics 365 is an effective platform that provides business-wide solutions to suit the needs of your business. When adopting Dynamics 365, it is necessary to integrate all your current and external tools, programs, data and platforms. Dynamics 365 Integration allows you to synchronise data between Dynamics 365 and your current applications and databases which streamlines your workflows and unifies your systems.


The Benefits of Dynamics 365 Integration

Dynamics 365 Integration ensures that all of your current and external tools, programs and platforms work seamlessly together. This improves data accuracy offering better business insights and decision making. Established on a common data model, Dynamics 365 consists of extensions and integrations that are developed to easily adapt with other Microsoft business applications such as Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), Outlook, Azure and other related products.

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How Orion helps you in Dynamics 365 Integration

At Orion, we are your Dynamics 365 Integration specialists. We help you mitigate the risk of migrating to Dynamics 365 by ensuring that no data or processes are lost along the way. Orion ensures that systems are seamlessly synchronised and streamlined to meet your business’ requirements. To see how Orion can implement Dynamics 365 Integration into your business to get the most benefit from the platform, see our Dynamics Implementation Services page.


Integration is all part of your business’ big picture. When implemented correctly, the whole Dynamics 365 suite can help you run your entire business seamlessly and more effectively.

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